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The web address of some important libraries at home and abroad are given below:

Defence Institute-Bangladesh

  1. Defence Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC)
  2. Army Training and Doctrine Command (ARTDOC)
  3. Military Institute of Science and Technology - (MIST)
  4. Army Central Library


  1. Australian Defence College
  2. National Defence College, India
  3. Australian College of Defence & Strategic Studies
  4. National Defence College, Nigeria
  5. Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College
  6. Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS)
  7. National Security College, Pakistan
  8. Netherlands Defence College
  9. Royal Danish Defence College
  10. The Swedish National Defence College (SNDC)
  11. South Africa National Defence College
  12. The National Defence College (NDC), Thailand
  13. Finnish National Defence College
  14. National Defense College of the Philippines
  15. National Defence College, Kenya
  16. National Defence College, Romania
  17. NATO Defence College
  18. Royal Jordanian National Defence College

Defence University

  1. National Defence University, Pakistan
  2. PLA National Defense University, China
  3. Korea National Defence University
  4. National Defence University, USA
  5. National Defence University of Malaysia
  6. National Defence University, Finland
  7. Air University, USA
  8. American Military University
  9. National University of Defence Technology, China- Website
  10. CAROL I National Defence University, Romania
  11. Air University, Pakistan
  12. Naval University of Engineering-(NUE), China

War College

  1. US Naval War College
  2. Air War College, USA
  3. National War College, Washington, D.C
  4. U.S. Army War College
  5. National War College, Nigeria
  6. Turkish War College
  7. Armed Forces War College, Pakistan
  8. Pakistan Navy War College
  9. PAF Air War College, Pakistan

Defence Academy/Agency

  1. Australia Defence Force Academy
  2. National Defence Academy, India
  3. R.O.C. Air Force Academy, Taiwan
  4. Turkish Air Force Academy
  5. Turkish Naval Academy
  6. Netherlands Defence Academy
  7. Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

Command Staff and General College

  1. Australian Command and Staff College
  2. Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College
  3. Command and Staff College, Quetta, Pakistan

Important Public & Private Universities of Bangladesh

  1. Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology
  2. Bangladesh University of Professionals
  3. Chittagong University
  4. Dhaka University
  5. National University
  6. Jahangirnagar University
  7. Khulna University
  8. Rajshahi University
  9. Shahjalal University of Science & Technology
  10. American International University Bangladesh
  11. BRAC University
  12. East West University
  13. Independent University, Bangladesh
  14. North South University

Some Important Libraries

  1. Asia Foundation
  2. Asian Development Bank
  3. Alexandria Library
  4. American Centre Library
  5. British Museum Library
  6. British Council
  7. Center on International Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific
  8. Digital Library Federation
  9. Food and Agriculture Organization
  10. Full Text Source Online
  11. International Monetary Fund
  12. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
  13. International Organization for Migration
  14. Library of Congress
  15. National Library of Australia
  16. National Library of Korea
  17. National Library of India
  18. National Library of Bangladesh
  19. Net Library
  20. The New York Public Library
  21. The World Bank
  22. University Grant Commission Library, Bangladesh
  23. UNESCO/FLA Directory of Digitized Collections
  24. United Nations in Bangladesh
  25. United Nations Information Centre
  26. United Nations Development Programme
  27. World Health Organization